[DRAFT] Senior Site Reliability Enginer


Voltage Park is building a cloud infrastructure business from the ground up. As part of this effort, we’re looking for an Senior ML Ops Engineer to support both internal workload orchestration, as well as end customer needs around Kubernetes, SLURM, or other scheduler solutions. You’ll play a pivotal role as a member of the founding team, responsible for bringing a substantial amount of infrastructure online across multiple data centers. As an early hire, you’ll also have outsize influence in defining the company’s culture and ensuring mission success.

We are fully remote and accepting applicants from anywhere in the continental US.

We offer health, dental, and vision coverage, along with 401k matching and home office stipends.

We have team members San Francisco, NYC, Seattle, and other Tier 1 cities.


  • Build configurable and deployable container images for internal and external use cases, such as network storage or cluster orchestration
  • Be the goto expert on best ML and DevOps practices, while helping strike a balance between practical vs pure patterns
  • Collaborate with SRE and Product Engineering to support a growing cloud console with deployable services
  • Design, test, and roll out clusters for training, fine tuning, and inference


  • Designed and built a production Kubernetes cluster from 0 to 1
  • Expert on containerization technologies like Docker or KVM
  • Experience deploying cluster orchestration solutions using such as Kubernetes
  • Experience deploying Kubeflow, Metaflow, or similar
  • Provisioned network filesystems and orchestration tools like SLURM or K8s
  • Deep experience with ML frameworks for training and inference (ie. TensorFlow, Pytorch, etc)


  • You enjoy working with a small group of friendly, highly motivated, high execution colleagues
  • You’re comfortable with a high degree of autonomy. We expect you to independently prioritize your work and understand how it maps to the overall needs and goals of the company
  • You’re knowledgeable in your domain but also enjoy wearing multiple hats and venturing outside of your comfort zone when the need arises
  • You value the ability to write well and understand the importance of good documentation

How to Apply

Congrats if you’ve made it here! We want to ensure that our candidates have done some basic research on the company as well as centralize our applications. If you’re interested in applying for this role, please email jobs@voltagepark.com with your resume, any relevant links (linkedin, github, etc), and one habit you’re proud of!

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